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Manufacturer of perfectly crafted polished diamonds


Since the 1970s, ALPESH GEMS has been supplying perfectly crafted polished diamonds in all types of shapes, clarities, colors, and sizes to thousands of B2B customers, merchants, jewelry-watch dealers and manufacturers, retailers, and well-known brands globally in all the major diamond consuming countries. Our expertise in precise cutting combined with our unmatched ability to deliver large volumes of brilliant quality diamonds has earned us the repute of a reliable manufacturer.


We invite you to explore how we operate and conduct ourselves


We operate with the best practices around health and safety, human rights, fair labor, governance, and environmental protection throughout our sheer scale of operation. We are proud that our commitment to responsible and ethical manufacturing has set a new benchmark for the industry.

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Our automated systems and clear processes along with our gifted craftsman transform roughs into brilliantly cut gems with precise attention to detail, giving life to the stone. To add, our heavy investment in technology allows us to be on the edge of precision cutting. Everything combined, our high-tech manufacturing infrastructure and expertise in the accurate cutting of diamonds has earned us a repute for outstanding quality, routinely bringing beauty and brilliance to our clients.


Our polished diamonds go through a thorough quality check and are also screened on synthetic-detection machines then the resultant polished is packed into nearly 2000 strict standard assortments according to their physical characteristics under 10x magnification making sure objectivity wins over subjectivity. Our conclusive, and evident-based measure of diamond assorting has earned repute as a reliable supplier.

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We have committed to deliver our client's demands at an honest price. Our fully integrated manufacturing combined with our sheer scale of operation allows us to save costs and pass them to our clients. We aim to bring value to our clients and provide them with the best deals to help them succeed in their businesses. We prioritize fair trade as our core value to ensure we have the complete faith of our clients.

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We possess our 100% natural rough diamonds from ethical sources only. We go above and beyond to inspect every little detail of the diamond's origin and suppliers' history to ensure the rough is conflict-free. Our processes ensure that all of our diamonds hold traceable origins, so for our clients and their customers have peace of mind.

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Our finely crafted diamond range is available in all shapes, clarities, colors, and sizes with multiple options for certification - We also carry a vivid range of fancy colored diamonds. Our huge number of specialized manufacturing units gives us the unmatched ability to deliver large volumes of brilliant quality diamonds in variety of assorted parcels and keep extended inventories - providing our clients unmatched range to choose from.


At Alpesh Gems, we accept our wider social and environmental responsibility. We acknowledge the responsibility to our employees and provide them with exceptional welfare. Alpesh Gems also aids underprivileged communities with their healthcare and educational costs as well as helping with basic needs, such as running water and safe housing.

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